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Rivotril is a prescription medicine from to a medications group called benzodiazepines. It has its uses uin the treatment of panic, anxiety disorders, mania, seizure disorders and spasticity,. The medicine functions by by correcting brain’s chemical imbalance. You can buy rivotril from the online pharmacy. Clonazepam also has hypnotic and muscle-relaxing properties, but unluckily, many individuals use the drug for nonmedical reasons to achieve these influences.

Like the other benzodiazepines, Rivotril is addictive. An individual can form a physical reliance on the drug in as low as two weeks, even if she or he were making use of the drug as instructed. If someone who you know is going through with a clonazepam addiction or is or else abusing the drug, there are top-rated personal facilities of treatment available that can offer assistance with overcoming the trouble.

Drug Abuse Signs and Symptoms

One clonazepam addiction or abuse symptom is drug tolerance. After making use of the drug for a while, the body turns out to be used to the medication effects, requiring the individual to consume rising drug amounts to achieve the identical effect. An additional addiction sign of is the start of symptoms of withdrawal after stopping the use of the drug for a time period.

Symptoms of withdrawal associated with clonazepam comprises of:


Nausea, diarrhea or vomiting

Tingling or numbness

Rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations

Loss of memory

Panic attacks

Sensitivity to light or sound


Other clonazepam psychological signs of misuse or addiction comprise feeling to take the drug to get over the day, moving at a slow pace than usual, having complexity in remembering and/or concentrating facts or events and taking the drug hysterically. Exterior drug abuse signs that can be noticed by others comprise abridged work or school performance, desertion of formerly enjoyed actions in agreement of drug use, unlawful drug purchase and sustained use of it in spite of the obvious harmful outcomes.

Effects of Clonazepam Abuse

Abuse of Clonazepam can produce side effects. With reference to a 2006 study conducted by the (SAMHSA) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, around 33,557 of visits to emergency rooms were connected to nonmedical clonazepam usage.

Clonazepam abuse is a risk factor for an overdose of the drug. As noted before, the body grows a drug tolerance. As the individual increases the amount taken, the overdosing risk turns out to be greater. The danger is compounded if the individual consumes clonazepam with alcohol or other drugs.

A prescription drug overdose can cause sleepiness, coma, confusion and even demise.

Drug misuse can also lead to dangerous behavior. A person might take on in unsafe sex that can clue towards the unintended pregnancy or reduction of diseases which are sexually transmitted. The individual may effort to drive while being under the drug influence and cause an accident. These days there has been a wide abuse of this drug in teens, and if you know someone having an abuse, you should consider the Clonazepam Teen Drugs Abuse and Drug Addict Treatment.