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What Valium is used for?

The generic name for Valium is diazepam. This medication is used for the treatment of several conditions, including alcohol withdrawal symptoms, anxiety disorders, or muscle spasms. Valium belongs to group of drugs known as benzodiazepines. The medication is able to affect some chemicals in brain that may become unbalanced.

Valium should be only taken according to a prescription of a doctor. Valium can also be used to treat seizures.

What you need to know

You should not use this medication if you suffer from at least one of the following:
severe liver disease, myasthenia gravis, narrow-angle glaucoma, a severe breathing problem, and sleep apnea. The medication should not be used by a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. You should inform your doctor if you have: asthma, glaucoma, other breathing problems, liver disease, kidney disease, seizures. The medication should be taken very carefully also if you suffer and suffered from drug or alcohol addiction, depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts. The dosage of Valium depends on the disorder that needs to be treated. Thus, the dosage of 2-10 mg may be prescribed for the short-term treatment of anxiety to be taken 2-4 times a day. The same dosages to be taken 3-4 times a day may be used for the treatment of muscles spasms. The dosage of 10mg during first 24 hours and 5 mg later (3-4 time a day) may be prescribed for the treatment of alcohol withdraws.

As any other medication, Valium may cause a range of side effects, including drowsiness, muscle weakness, incoordination, and tiredness. The mentioned side effects are the most commonly met, but there is also a chance that you may experience more severe side effects, including confusion, severe allergic reactions, hallucinations, fainting, inability to control urination, chills, difficulty breathing, fever, memory problems and others.

The medication may cause addiction if it used incorrectly