Information and facts about Ativan

Ativan should be taken exactly as prescribed. A patient following the administration of Ativan should be examined on a regular basis to make shure that the drug does not any harm.

An uninterrupted course of treatment should not last longer than 4 months if a doctor hasn’t made any other prescriptions as Ativan may be habit-forming. Ativan dosage should be reduced gradually according to a doctor’s prescriptions. Otherwise, a patient may experience seizures or other withdrawal symptoms when having stopped using Ativan.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:
muscle cramps
stomach pain
unusual thoughts or behavior
seizures or convulsions.

After having stopped administrating Ativan an individual may experience the same symptoms as he/she experienced before undergoing a course of treatment.

To take Ativan a patient should measure a dose with the help of the special measuring spoon. If a patient does not have a dose-measuring device he/she should ask a doctor or a pharmacist for one.

If a patient misses a dose he/she should apply Ativan as soon as possible. If the time of delay is twice larger than the scheduled break between applying the 1st and 2nd dose then a patient should apply 1 dose of Ativan and continue following the schedule prescribed. A patient should not apply a double dose of the medication at a time.

Ativan should not be used by the individuals having alcohol or drug addiction or a history of having such addictions. The patients following the administration of Ativan should diminish their tolerance towards alcohol or any other drugs, especially those which produce sedative action, by stopping using them at all or at least decreasing the dosage as Ativan may aggravate the effect of alcohol and drugs.

Ativan may impair a patient’s attention and slow down his/her reaction. Thus, a patient should not drive or operate any machinery, or do any other actions which demand a high level of attention and concentration at least 24 hours after he/she had administered the medication. Moreover, a patient who has administered Ativan should stay under observation of an adequate adult in case if any of the side effects occur.